Big Presentation Checks – Reusable Dry Erase Checks Can Be Used Hundreds of Times

Easily cut down on the cost of big presentation checks by applying a dry erase finish over a blank or semi blank check. The erasable finish will allow you to write on the check with either dry erase or liquid chalk markers and wipe them clean after the presentation. Most erasable finishes will give you hundreds of uses or more.


Saves you from getting individual checks for each donation.

Glossy dry erase finish can cause glare problems when photographing.
Writing with dry erase makers will not be as bold as a computer printed check.
Cleaning off can be a problem if left for long periods of time.

When making erase checks you want to have as much information printed as possible. Have your logo printed and/or your business name as well as any constants such as signatures or charities you are giving to. The more you can print the better it will be seen in the marketing photo.

When taking the photo tilt the check slightly to avoid a glare from the flash. Take a few photos with the check on different angles to make sure you get a shot without the glare.

Cleaning off your erasable check can sometimes be an issue, I suggest you erase it soon after the presentation is over, while the ink is still soft. If you happen to forget to clean it after the presentation and the marker doesn’t come off well you can purchase some dry erase cleaner at you local office supply center, or a quick trick if you don’t have the time, is to write over the dried marker with a dry erase marker. Once you write over the ink it will soften up the dried marker and you should be able to easily erase it all.

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Using an Interpreter For a Presentation

If you are giving a presentation with an interpreter for the first time, here are some suggestions on how to make your event a success.

It is extremely important that you, the speaker, be prepared in advance. Help the interpreter by providing an advance copy of your speech including a PowerPoint presentation, written speech, and speaking notes. If you can not provide these in advance, at least provide an outline. A good interpreter will translate the materials before the event to be prepared.

Discuss the speech with your interpreter and explain any surprises such as technical terms, formulas, or numbers. If you can, provide written copies of any technical terms, formulas or numbers for the interpreter to refer to during your presentation.

While you are speaking, position yourself so the interpreter can see you but make sure to face the audience. You need to maintain the connection to the audience while also letting the interpreter see your expressions and gestures. Make sure you speak loudly and clearly. Speak at a moderate pace and allow the interpreter time to adjust to your accent. A good speed is 80 words per minute (about 8 – 10 typed lines). Arrange signals for the interpreter to let you know if you are speaking too fast. Watch for these signals and adjust to make sure you are speaking clearly, loudly and slowly. Prearranged signals are useless unless used.

Allow for pauses. Interpreters dread speakers who talk fast and have no punctuation especially when the speaker uses a lot of numbers and formulas.
Avoid slang, colloquialisms and abbreviations. We know that “take the bull by the horns”, “hit a home run”, and “be a top dog” all sound great in English. But, your non-English speaking audience won’t get the meaning. Instead, use clear language such as “take initiative” or “to be the best” that can be interpreted and understood by all.

Use humor wisely and discuss your topic in advance with the interpreter to see if the humor is culturally appropriate. If not, there may be a way to modify it. If you don’t have a chance to discuss the humor in advance, you are better off skipping it.

Using an interpreter during a presentation can be an exciting and challenging occurrence. As long as you are prepared and use a qualified interpreter, you will be successful. Rapport International, a full service translation and interpretation company based in metro-west Boston, is a great source for all your multi-lingual needs. Rapport can provide interpretation done by experienced interpreters in over 100 languages.

DIY Soap Making – The Ultimate Christmas Presents!

Picking out the right Christmas present is often difficult, but when you make your own home made soap finding the right gift to give is rather easy. Homemade soap is the perfect gift for anyone. Learning lye soap making is something that is very easy and a hobby that almost anyone can try. Once you learn the basics of making soap, you can create all sorts of beautiful products, which are fantastic for Christmas gifts.

There are many reasons why homemade soap is the ultimate Christmas present idea. You can customize it for each person, really making your gifts something special and it is fairly cheap once you have your supplies, plus learning lye soap making is very simple.

Perfect for Anyone

Homemade soap is a great gift for everyone on your Christmas list because it is something that everyone can use. No matter if you are giving the gift to a child or an elderly adult, it is beneficial for anyone. You can create all different types of soap for each person. For example, for babies you can make soap that is lavender scented and use mild or soothing ingredients, like oatmeal, that will be nice for baby’s skin.

You have many options in scents, colors, shapes, and ingredients that you can use to create a variety of soaps. Once you learn lye soap making you will be able to expand your skills and make all different types of homemade soap. This includes hypoallergenic soaps, soaps for dry skin, decorative soaps, and molded soaps.

Soap can be given as bars or single soaps that are wrapped in pretty paper or you can put together a gift basket with the soap, pretty washcloths, and other bath items. There are many ways to give homemade soap, so you can make each gift something special for each person on your list.

Not a Strain on your Budget

Soap making supplies are not too expensive. Once you get all the tools you need and the different main ingredients, you can make batch after batch of soap with little investment. That is probably the best part of giving homemade soap as a Christmas present.

Think about how much you spend each Christmas and then think about how much getting started with soap making will cost. You will likely discover that you will save a lot of money by giving soap as gifts. Additionally, you will be giving people something they can use and something they will truly appreciate.

Homemade soap is a beautiful Christmas present. It is enjoyable to make and quite easy to make once you learn how. You can learn lye soap making with many different procedures, however the best option is to find a soap making course. This will allow you to learn how to make different types of soap and give you all the instruction that you need to make a nice range of homemade soap that you can give as Christmas gifts.

Green Contact Lenses and Brown Contact Lenses in the Present

Some people have tried in the past to adorn a pair of colored contacts, and simply despised them. Perhaps, one of the biggest qualms that people had concerning these lenses were they were extremely uncomfortable. Colored lenses, since they had a layer of color put into them were actually thicker than regular soft contact lenses. Many people referred to these lenses as having some of the same similarities as hard contact lenses of the past. However, this has all changed, thanks to advances in technology.

The lenses of days prior simply could not even complete the task of allowing someone to change their present eye color. The lenses also left this awkward looking ring around the iris of one’s eye; this was definitely not an attractive attribute at all.

Luckily, for many people today colored contact lenses have changed immensely. These lenses are not thick as they once were, and they can be worn by anyone that deems they want to. Before, people with darker eye colors simply could not adorn these lenses because the changes they were hoping for were not apparent to anyone else.

The new colored contact lenses that are being worn presently are soft lenses, they are extremely comfortable and they have the ability to produce drastic results to your present eye color. For instance, if you have darker colored eyes a pair of green contact lenses will accentuate your features nicely. Perhaps, the best part of the lenses is others will be able to notice your eye color alteration.

One of the best attributes about colored lenses these days, is they can change your present appearance without looking fake. Lenses of the past simply did not create the natural appearance that many had hoped for. These lenses pretty much pointed out the fact to everyone that you were trying to change your eye color by wearing colored lenses.

Contacts of prior days would have a brown ring around them, regardless of what color you were opting to try to make your eyes appear. For instance, if you were trying to adorn a pair of brown contact lenses, and your natural eye color was blue, you would see your natural eye color underneath the lens which caused an awkward looking eye.

Now, it is possible to create a natural looking eye alteration, without everyone taking note that you are wearing colored contacts in order to create the effect. If you have ever wanted to see what you looked like with blue, green or even brown eyes these lenses give you the opportunity to see yourself in a brand new light.